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VIDEO: Beauty Blogger With Acne Shuts Down Haters In An Emotional Video

czw., 07/02/2015 - 22:45

Lately, it seems like beauty bloggers are sick and tired of constantly being ripped apart in social media comments. First, YouTube blogger NikkieTutorials made a viral video and sparked #ThePowerOfMakeup campaign and now another beauty blogger is following in her footsteps. Em Ford of My Pale Skin shared her own video called You Look Disgusting, shutting down haters who comment on her acne-prone skin.

Em started posted videos of herself without makeup and people took that as an invitation to comment on her natural skin. In her video, she says over 100,000 people have commented on her social media pictures. Some comments read “I can’t even look at her” and “seriously…has she ever washed her face?”

She says in the video caption, “I wanted to create a film that showed how social media can set unrealistic expectations on both women and men. One challenge many face today, is that as a society, we’re so used to seeing false images of perfection, and comparing ourselves to unrealistic beauty standards that It can be hard to remember the most important thing – You ARE beautiful.”

Click here to view the embedded video.

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[Photo: My Pale Skin]

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Rachel McAdams & Taylor Kitsch Are Dating!

czw., 07/02/2015 - 22:01

After being seen out in public on a dinner date about a month ago, it’s finally confirmed that Rachel McAdams and Taylor Kitsch are dating! [Cosmopolitan]

Whoa–bubble wrap will no longer make a sound when you pop it. RIP favorite childhood pastime. [Refinery29]

Kim Kardashian is rebranding her website with her married name, Kim Kardashian West. [Racked]

This model with down syndrome just landed her frist campaign! [InStyle]

Brody Jenner talks about how he has a closer relationship with Caitliyn than he ever did with Bruce. [Us Weekly]

Pain is beauty, but not anymore! Here’s 5 tips on how to keep your heels from hurting. [Her Campus]

Channing Tatum didn’t pose with his wife on the red carpet at the Magic Mike XXL premiere in Amsterdam. Do we see another celeb divorce in the near future?! [Perez Hilton]

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[Photo: Splash News]


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4 Tips For Keeping Oily Skin Under Control In The Summer Heat

czw., 07/02/2015 - 21:11

Having oily skin is not fun, especially in the summer. Between the heat, the sun and ample amounts of humidity, my oily skin takes a toll. I have to worry about my makeup melting the moment I step outside, among other things, and it’s just not fun. My skin is more combination to oily, but I still deal with all the annoyances of oiliness. Through my years of dealing with this common beauty issue, I’ve found a few go-to products to help keep oily skin under control.

1. Use the right cleanser. Not every cleanser is created equal. If you have oily skin, it’s important to use a cleanser that contains salicylic acid. This will help prevent breakouts, clear away excess oil and unclog pores. A lot of people recommend using Neutrogena Oil-Free Acne Wash. Don’t forget to exfoliate 1-2 times a week to remove dead skin cells!

2. Blotting papers really work. I rely on blotting papers to get me through the day. The thing I love about blotting papers is that while they remove all excess oil, they leave makeup in place. I also get a sense of relief when I see how much oil I’m blotting away. Uhh, did I just admit that? Anyway, I use drugstore brand blotting papers because they work just as well as a brand name. These are seriously a necessity to keep in your bag all summer long.

3. Use an oil-free moisturizer. Most people who have oily skin don’t use moisturizer because they think it will only add more oil to their skin. That’s wrong. Your skin will actually produce more sebum (oil) to make up for what it’s not getting. Choose any oil-free moisturizer, something lightweight and breathable. I’m a fan of Ole Henriksen Sheer Transformation because it’s lightweight, helps even skin tone and has anti-aging benefits.

4. Makeup setting spray is your friend. Ladies, an absolute must-have product for your repertoire is Urban Decay De-Slick Oil-Control Makeup Setting Spray. After applying your makeup, give your face a few spritz’s of this amazing spray. From personal experience, I can tell you it keeps makeup in place all day, without smudging, melting or having to reapply. It also helped keep oil at bay. Once you use this Urban Decay spray, you’ll wonder how to ever lived without it.

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[Photo: Imaxtree]

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The Real Beauty Benefits Of Drinking Water

czw., 07/02/2015 - 19:29

I’m not here to remind you of how vital water is to the functioning of every single cell and organ in your body–up to 60 percent of your body is made up of water and life, as we know it, would cease to exist without it. Instead, I want to focus instead on the fun stuff, namely the numerous beauty benefits of drinking water.

Simply put, water can make you more beautiful. You can slather your skin with every expensive luxury cream and serum on the market, but if you’re neglecting one simple but crucial health and beauty necessity–drinking enough water each and every day–you might as well kiss any chance of having flawless skin, hair and nails good-bye. Water can help you achieve the complexion of your dreams, keep your hair glossy and shiny, and promote strong nails. But just what are these brilliant beauty benefits we often hear are associated with water? Let’s get to the bottom of this once and for all.

Water And Your Skin

“One of the best–and easiest!–ways to keep your skin healthy is by drinking water,” says Dr. Jill Waibel, owner of Miami Dermatology & Laser Institute. “When your skin is dry and dehydrated, it can look dull and defeated and water has the super power to bring it back to life. Dehydration can cause wrinkles and pores to be more prominent and visible, but with adequate water intake, your skin will look more hydrated, plump and healthy.”

Waibel recommends drinking the recommended eight to 10 ounces of water throughout the day. “Drinking sufficient amounts of water can give your skin a strong healthy glow even when you’re suffering from lack of sleep or when the dry weather is wicking moisture from your skin,” she explains. “Drinking water is the best way to keep your skin looking refreshed and rejuvenated and replenish your body from the inside out.”

In addition to giving you more radiant skin, New York City Celebrity Facialist Ildi Pekar lists the following beauty benefits:

- It’s great for elastin production, which makes your skin less prone to wrinkles
- It reduces acne/hormonal/stress breakouts by stimulating our digestive systems
- Water can help aid with weight loss and help control cravings from dangerous foods that are not nutritional
- Water helps you detox and eliminates toxins from your body
- It creates a natural flow of energy within your body for better movement with muscles and joints.

A simple way to enhance the beauty benefits of a glass of water? Add a squeeze of lemon, says Raw Food Chef, Nutritionist, and Healthy Living Expert Sophie Jaffe. “Lemons are high in antioxidants, which combat those pesky free radicals that weaken our collagen and further age our skin. The fruit also contains vitamin C, which aids in collagen synthesis.”

Water And Your Hair

If your hair never seems to grow past your shoulders, the reason might have more to do with your water intake than you think. Dehydration affects every part of your body–including hair growth. Without adequate amounts of H2O, the cells responsible for hair health and growth can’t reproduce and properly do their jobs, which could mean you wind up suffering from dry, brittle hair that grows at a slower rate.

As with your skin, adding lemon to your water can also help improve the condition of your hair. “Squeezing in lemon juice to your water will also amp up its beauty-boosting benefits,” said Jaffe, who also mentioned water can keep your hair soft and strengthen tresses.

Water And Your Nails

Ever notice your nails seems to grow more during the warmer months? It isn’t just your imagination–it has a lot to do with water! Experts say the Vitamin D in sunshine contributes to nail growth–but so does the extra water we tend to drink during the summer, when we’re hot and more thirsty. Drinking water also helps hydrate your cuticles and nails, making them stronger and less likely to break and tear.

Is There A Such Thing As Drinking Too Much Water?

Yes, so stop doing it now!

“It’s a myth that you should drink water until you can’t hold it anymore. That is not doing your body any good,” says Dr. David Bank at The Center for Dermatology, Cosmetic & Laser Surgery. “If you are, just follow this rule of thumb: If you are making more than one trip to the bathroom an hour, you’re probably drinking too much for your body to handle, or for it to do your skin any good. Once your body is hydrated, no more moisture can get into your skin internally. When the body has become saturated, the kidneys, which are the prime filters of the blood and the ‘balancers’ of the body’s water lever, will excrete any additional fluids that enter the body.”

“If you feel you are NOT drinking enough water, check your urine,” advises Dr. Bank. “If it’s dark yellow, this may be an indication that your body doesn’t have enough water and is conserving it. If you are drinking enough water and eating enough fruits and veggies (which are 75% water), your urine will be clear and plentiful. Also, if you don’t drink enough water, your skin won’t be supple or elastic as it can be and everything you eat is digested less efficiently. ”

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Real Women Say This Is The Best Product For Inner Thigh Chafing, So We Tried It For Ourselves

czw., 07/02/2015 - 19:03

We received a lot of positive feedback following my post about 5 simple ways to prevent inner thigh chafing. Most people who commented on social media posted about the various products they use to solve this annoying issue. However, one product kept showing up in the comments and I wanted to know what all the fuss was about, so I tried it for myself, along with our senior editor, Justine. The product: Monistat Chafing Relief Powder GelHere are our thoughts, which were the same in all categories, for the most part.

Let me start off with actually buying the product. At the drugstore, I attempted to search on my own before asking an employee. I wasn’t sure what aisle a product like this would be in, so after wasting enough time, I caved and asked for help. I won’t lie, I was a little embarrassed when asking for this product and I kind of looked around to see if anyone else was in earshot. After getting the product, it was time to test it out.

Packaging: Justine felt the tube was tiny and it wouldn’t get you very far. I didn’t think it was super tiny, but it wasn’t big either. It cost $11 and I felt for the price it was a decent-sized tube.

Smell: We both agreed (and loved) that there was absolutely zero scent.

Texture: Justine said it went on really smoothly and dried instantly. She noted it’s “virtually undetectable on the skin except for making it feel smooth.” I also thought it felt super smooth when applied. If you’ve ever used a face primer, the texture felt almost the same as that. It also didn’t feel heavy or like I had even put anything on, not even lotion.

Results: We both felt it worked really well. It definitely provided a smooth surface and didn’t cause any irritation. It held up for a decent amount of time, but I wonder how it would be on a hot summer day without reapplying.

I definitely wouldn’t be opposed to using this product in my personal life, outside of testing it for work purposes. If it makes me feel more comfortable while wearing a dress or skirt, then why not? Thank you, everyone, for all your positive comments about this topic and recommending your favorite products!

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[Photo: Amazon]

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HACK: How To Store Jewelry Using A Cheese Grater, Ice Cube Tray And Hardware Nails

czw., 07/02/2015 - 17:30

My sister is beyond obsessed with jewelry. She can open her own boutique with the amount she has collected over the years, so she’s the inspiration behind this hack. Storing jewelry is a hassle because it’s oddly shaped and tangles very easily. Jewelry storage items can be expensive and take up a lot of space. My sister uses basic household items to store some of her jewelry inside drawers, and she even came up with an easy (and cheap) solution for hanging necklaces on a wall. Check it out below.

Cheese Grater

Cheese grater: Use a cheese grater to organize all of your earrings! Instead of a big pile of mix-matched earrings, they will be all be organized accordingly and easy to grab on-the-go.



Nails And Wood: Make your own necklace holder using a piece of wood and hardware nails! You can even paint the piece of wood to match your room decor or keep it plain. Place the nails in a straight line or stagger them, the choice is all yours.

Ice Cube Tray

Ice Cube Tray: Go stock up on ice cube trays from the dollar store and stack them on top of each other in drawers. It’s the easiest (and cheapest) way to store jewelry out of sight. These are perfect for storing smaller pieces, like rings, earrings, dainty necklaces, etc.

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Rihanna’s New Music Video For ‘BBHMM’ Is The

czw., 07/02/2015 - 17:00

Late last night, Rihanna finally released her music video for “Bitch Better Have My Money.” She’s been teasing it all week, first at Saturday’s BET Awards and then on Instagram.

The music video is filled with raunchy, bloody scenes, reminding us that Rihanna is one bad b*tch. Riri said the idea for the music video was floating around in her head for 8 months!! Clearly, the hard work paid off. Watch it now below:

Click here to view the embedded video.

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[Photo: Splash News]

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Enjoy Up To 50% Off Watches, Shoes, Handbags And More At Michael Kors

czw., 07/02/2015 - 16:50

If you’re a fan of Michael Kors clothing and accessories, then this sale is for you! Save up to 50% off sale items including watches, shoes, clothing, handbags and more. No code is required. It’s that simple! Enjoy.


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[Photo: Giovanna Metallic Leather Wedge, Mini Blair Gold-Tone Watch, Marina Large Canvas Shoulder Tote]

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The 5 Most Common Wedding Vendor Questions–Answered!

czw., 07/02/2015 - 16:33

Your vendors are the pros that turn your wedding day dreams into a reality. And while they will undoubtedly work hard to make you happy, you also want to make sure they’re well taken care of on the big day. Here are five questions you might not know the answer to, but you should.

1. How much should I tip?

First, read your vendor contracts thoroughly–some will have tipping info and expectations included. If there is nothing there, keep in mind that wedding pros who own their own businesses (like your photographer and cake baker, for example) are typically not tipped. But other providers, such as caterers, wait staff, bartenders, musicians and limo drivers, should get an extra something for a job well done. A tip of 15 to 20 percent of the food and beverage bill would be given to the caterer, who then tips the wait staff. In addition, 10 to 15 percent of the bar bill goes to the bartenders. Reception musicians and DJs are generally tipped $20 to $25 each.

2. Do I need to feed every vendor?

Yes. You should plan to feed any vendors who will be there with you at the reception, such as the photographer, videographer, DJ and band. Unless your vendor prefers otherwise, give them the same meal as your guests. Many caterers even give couples a discount on vendor meals, so be sure to discuss it with him beforehand.

3. Should I send a thank you note?

It is always a nice touch to send a thank you note to your vendors, especially if you were happy with their work. They often use these notes as references to gain other business, and who doesn’t appreciate getting complimented for a job well done?

4. Do I need to write an online review?

Think about how those reviews probably helped you during the planning process: Your review–positive or negative–can ultimately help another bride hire the right vendors for her wedding day. Sites like, and allow you to post reviews that other couples can read.

5. What if I wasn’t completely satisfied with a service?

Most reputable vendors want to hear how they can improve on their service. So if something wasn’t 100 percent up to your standards, let the company know and give them a chance to make it up to you before you go online and write a negative review.

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Consider Yourself Warned–Olivia Wilde’s Perfect-For-Summer Plaid Shirt Is Only Available In Two More Sizes

czw., 07/02/2015 - 16:23

We are all under the Rails shirt spell (see: every celebrity’s favorite shirt) and with hotter temps, we had to retire our flannel long-sleeves. But fret not girls, Rails was looking out for all of us and Olivia Wilde has modeled the ‘summer’ version of our favorite shirt, the Rails Britt Short Sleeve Button Down ($128). Like we need to convince you of anything – this shirt is fabulous and should be added to your summer wardrobe stat. Snag it below.

Rails Button Down


Rails Britt Short Sleeve Button Down ($128)

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[Photo: Splash News]

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How To Get Your Pool Float Game On Jaime King’s Level

śr., 07/01/2015 - 22:50

Jaime King, soon to be momma of two, posted this photo to Instagram showing off her pregnant belly while floating on a watermelon. Yes, you read that right, a watermelon! It’s just one of the many awesome pool floats in her pic:

One little monkey jumping on my head, one fell off and bumped his head… AND WENT TO FLOATIE HEAVEN! ☁️ Thank you to @faceaface_paris @eyecessorize for making such chic sunnies #eyecessorize #summer2015

A photo posted by Jaime King (@jaime_king) on Jun 30, 2015 at 2:47pm PDT

We must say, her Summer 2015 pool float game is en fuego. Your move, Taylor Swift and Calvin Harris. Shop the monkey, watermelon and rainbow circle floats below and get on Jaime’s level, ya’ll!



Water Wheel – Giant Inflatable Swimming Pool Water Wheel Toy (49″ X 33″) ($47.01)


Urban Outfitters Watermelon Slice Pool Float ($46)


Rhode Island Novelty 24′ Purple Monkey Inflatable Balloon ($19.99)

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[Photo: Instagram]

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Beyoncé Just Shut Down All #LoveWins Reactions In 15 Seconds

śr., 07/01/2015 - 22:08

By now you’ve heard the news that the U.S. Supreme court ruled in favor of legalizing same-sex marriage in all 50 states. If you haven’t, well, turn on your computer. An overwhelming amount of prestigious brands and celebrities flooded social media with their support. However, noticeably absent from that list was Beyoncé…until now. Bey just posted a reaction video to Instagram with the caption “Never Too Late #LoveWins” and it is everything.

Never Too Late #LoveWins ❤️

A video posted by Beyoncé (@beyonce) on Jul 1, 2015 at 10:35am PDT

All hail the Queen.

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[Photo: Splash News]

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HACK: Here’s How To Get Wrinkles Out Of Leather

śr., 07/01/2015 - 21:37

If you’re spending money on quality leather, then obviously you’ll want it to look good while showing it off. Unfortunately, leather is one of those materials that can be tricky to work with, especially when it comes to wrinkles. There was one job I held where I was occasionally required to help steam clothing for photo shoots, and a lot of that clothing was expensive, high-quality leather. In my experience, steaming leather has never resulted in damaging the material and has always smoothed out wrinkles. So, on that note, here’s my hack to get wrinkles out of leather, faux or real.

Leather Jacket

If you don’t already own a steamer, I highly recommend investing in one because they are really handy to have around and are great on finer materials, unlike the classic iron. Simply steam the leather garment like you would any other piece of clothing. I like to steam my clothes from the outside and inside, just to make sure I’ve covered every part of the fabric. And that’s it! You’ll be good to go in no time.

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8 Ways To Use White Vinegar That Don’t Involve Cleaning Or Cooking

śr., 07/01/2015 - 21:07

You can pretty much use vinegar for anything, from cleaning your house to washing your dog. But did you ever think it could be useful for fashion and beauty? Here are some of the most surprising ways you can use white vinegar:

Remove deodorant stains

Spray white vinegar on to deodorant-stained shirts before washing them to remove the discoloration. It also works for mustard, tomato sauce and ketchup stains.

Brighten your colored clothes

Adding a cupful of white vinegar to your rinse cycle will brighten up colors and even give you cleaner laundry! Normally, soap residue is what makes clothes dull, but the acetic in white vinegar actually gets rid of the residue. It also acts as a fabric softener, a static reducer, and a mildew inhibitor.

Restore handbags and shoes

Use a cloth with a drop of white vinegar to wipe down scuffed leather bags and shoes. It will restore their original shine and clear scuff marks.

Liven droopy flowers

Have old flowers that look like they’re about to die? Well, now you can stop calling yourself a flower killer! Add two tablespoon of white vinegar and one teaspoon of sugar to every quart of water you use. Pour the solution into your vase and you’ve got yourself some fresh flowers!

Whiten your teeth 

Brush your teeth once a week with distilled white vinegar by dipping your toothbrush into the vinegar and brushing thoroughly. This prevents bad breath too!

Prevent your nail polish from chipping 

Before you paint your nails, wipe ‘em with a cotton ball or tissue soaked in distilled vinegar. Because the vinegar cleans your nails so well it helps the manicure last longer.

Fake a relaxing bath.

Add ½ cup of vinegar to warm bath water for a cheap spa session at home. The vinegar removes dead skin, leaving you feeling soft and smooth.

Brighten your hair.

Remove hair product buildup by rinsing a tablespoon of white vinegar through your hair once a month.

[Photo: Shutterstock]

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Here’s A Sneak Peak Of Target’s Latest Collab With Jewelry Line Stella Valle

śr., 07/01/2015 - 21:05

You might have seen sisters Ashley Dellavalle Jung and Paige Dellavalle Walker on ABC’s hit TV show Shark Tank, where they partnered with Mark Cuban and Lori Greiner. Now, the Army veterans turned jewelry designers are partnering with Target for an exclusive collaboration with their jewelry line Stella Valle.

Each simplistic, yet bold piece of jewelry features 18K gold or rhodium plating and Swarovski crystals. What’s more, the necklaces, bracelets, earrings and rings are all priced under $40! These pieces are meant to be layered and stacked. Stella Valle for Target was inspired by the sisters own perseverance throughout their military and fashion career.

Stella Valle for Target will be available to shop starting August 4, exclusively on, and includes pieces from four collections: Raise the Bar, Move the Chains, Shock Everyone, Be a Star.

Bar Rings

 Raise the Bar Ring ($19.99)

Ear Cuffs

Move the Chains Ear Cuff ($19.99) 

Shock Necklace

Shock Everyone Necklace ($34.99)

Star Bracelet

Be a Star Bracelet ($29.99)

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[Photos: Courtesy of Stella Valle]

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Milly Teamed Up With SoulCycle’s Stacey Griffith On Limited-Edition Tees & Tanks

śr., 07/01/2015 - 18:27

Fashion designer Michelle Smith of Milly and SoulCycle master instructor Stacey Griffith teamed up to create a line of STACEY G + MILLY limited-edition tees and tanks. These tops are sure to inspire you to finish your workout as they are boasting with expressions like “Can’t Stop Won’t Stop” and “Crush It.” My personal favorite is “Can You Not.”

“I got to know Stacey through SOULCYCLE. She’s my favorite instructor—her killer sense of humor has gotten me through the most grueling workouts. The STACEY G + MILLY limited edition collection expresses our shared love of fashion, wit and pop culture—it was inevitable we would collaborate,” said Michelle of the collection.


Soul Cycle

Tees and tanks will be sold online and in Milly stores located in NYC and East Hampton.

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[Photo: Milly]

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Hundreds, I Repeat, Hundreds Of Sale Items Are An Extra 40% Off At Nasty Gal

śr., 07/01/2015 - 18:17

Are you a Nasty Gal lover? Then you’ll want to pay attention. Starting today, all sale items are an extra 40% off. This means you can save up to 80% off selected items at Nasty Gal! The discount is already taken off sale merch, so no code is required and it goes until July 6. Be aware that some items are final sale!


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[Photo: Glamorous Islia Lace Dress, Mind The Gap Caged Bikini, Over It Denim Overalls, Line Up Striped Tank]

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Once And For All, This Is The Best Way to Remove Bikini Line Hair

śr., 07/01/2015 - 16:09

Summer is the one time when it helps to be ready for anything from an impromptu beach party to a spur-of-the-moment dip in the pool. Nothing kills your mood to swim in public or lounge on the sand faster than the realization that it’s been a week since you attended to the area, uh, down there. You may be tempted to grab the first razor you see on your shelf and get rid of your bikini line hair fast, but you’ll actually be doing far more damage than good. When it comes to hair removal, particularly the small area along your bikini line, waxing is the way to go. Here’s why.

Why Is Waxing Better Than Shaving?

“Shaving is the ultimate bikini line no-no, because the hair in the bikini area can grow in multiple different directions and the skin is usually more sensitive than other areas of the body,” Summer Vasilas, cofounder of Waxing the City, explains. “Wax can be applied in small patches with the direction of the hair growth and pulled against the growth which removes the hair from the root minimizing breakage and the potential of ingrown hairs.” What’s more is that hair removal as a result of waxing can last anywhere between four to six weeks. “For some people, who have been waxing for years, the smoothness can last even longer,” Vasilas explains.

Why Is Waxing Better Than Laser Hair Removal?

“Laser treatment is often costly, and unfortunately, many people are unaware that the ideal candidate for a laser treatment yielding the best results is an individual with fair skin and dark hair,” Vasilas says. “Blondes and redheads are not candidates because the laser cannot detect the hair follicle due to the light pigment in the hair. Since this method works best only on a certain hair and skin colors and costs significantly more, it is an option that is often not the best for many.”

Dr. David Bank of The Center for Dermatology, Cosmetic & Laser Surgery adds, “Laser hair removal is not recommended if you’re tan because it will target that pigmentation.  The laser works by targeting the melanin pigment in the hair follicle, thus destroying it.”

What If Waxing Gives Me Itchy Red Bumps?

There are women who will experience some red bumps after waxing, and it can be in relation to the sensitivity of their skin. However, there are things to keep in mind to reduce such an experience. For those with more sensitive skin, the type of wax used during the service can make a huge difference. “At Waxing the City, it is standard practice for us to use our custom formulated Cerazul™ hard wax in all bikini line waxing services, as well as facial waxing services. The reason is that as the wax cools, it shrink wraps around the hairs without sticking to the skin,” Vasilas explains. “This method is less abrasive to the skin and less painful for the client, making for an overall greater experience. Additionally, there are topicals that can be used after the wax to  minimize redness or bumps. One that we use and recommend in our studios is Tend Skin.”

Additionally, Dr. Bank advises women to be mindful of when they schedule waxing appointments. “Before your menstrual period and ovulation, hair removal techniques can be much more irritating and painful,” Bank says. “Keep track of cycles and try to avoid plucking and/or waxing during that time frame to avoid irritation.  You should also not wax the week before or during your period, when you retain water, which is when your skin is most sensitive and waxing will cause the most skin irritation.  Additionally, you shouldn’t wax if you are taking Accutane or a topical vitamin A product–you can rip off a layer of skin.”

How Can I Make A Bikini Wax Last Even Longer? 

“Exfoliate the skin when showering!” recommends Vasilas. “It will keep dead skin cells from building up and causing an irritation or ingrown hairs. Additionally, there are hair growth inhibitors on the market, such as Tend Skin and Whish’s Ingrown Hair Serum. To prolong and get the best results from waxing, make sure you see your Cerologist™ on a monthly basis and do not shave in between your waxing services.”

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Misty Copeland Is Now A Principal Ballerina At The American Ballet Theatre–Talk About A Promotion

śr., 07/01/2015 - 15:42

For the first time in 75 years, an African-American woman became a principal ballerina at the American Ballet Theatre. That woman is no other than prima ballerina Misty Copeland. She is no stranger to breaking barriers of what a ballerina “should” look like. Most recently, Misty was the first black woman to star in “Swan Lake” that was performed at the Met.

Misty has been very passionate about showing others, especially younger girls, that you don’t have to look a certain way to be a ballerina. An online advertisement she did for Under Armour went viral and has more than 8 million views.

Click here to view the embedded video.

She spoke at a news conference on Tuesday at the Metropolitan Opera House, saying, “I had moments of doubting myself, and wanting to quit, because I didn’t know that there would be a future for an African-American woman to make it to this level. At the same time, it made me so hungry to push through, to carry the next generation. So it’s not me up here — and I’m constantly saying that — it’s everyone that came before me that got me to this position.”

Misty’s promotion was even captured on Instagram, by fellow ballerina Julie Kent. In the heartwarming video, you can clearly see she’s overcome with joy and fighting back tears.

Exciting promotions at ABT this morning!! Misty Copeland, Principal Dancer!!! ❤️ #MistyCopeland #ballerina #weloveyou @mistyonpointe

A video posted by Julie Kent (@juliekentofficial) on Jun 30, 2015 at 9:43am PDT

Congrats, girl. So well deserved.

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Donna Karan Is Stepping Down As Chief Designer

śr., 07/01/2015 - 15:21

After more than three decades of inspiring women to embrace the working world with power and fulfillment through fashion, Donna Karan is stepping down as Chief Designer for DKI (Donna Karan International).

According to WWD, Karan will remain a close advisor of the label, but wants to spend more time working on her Urban Zen Company and Foundation. “I have arrived at a point in my life where I need to spend more time to pursue my Urban Zen commitment to its fullest potential and follow my vision of philanthropy and commerce with a focus on health care, education and preservation of cultures. After considering the right time to take this step for several years, I feel confident that DKI has a bright future and a strong team in place,” reported Karan. 

Karan founded DKI in 1984 and the brand went public by 1996. In 2001, LVMH invested in DKI and turned the brand into an international name. Karan made a huge impact with her fashion influence not only in America but around the world.

A replacement has not yet been named. Donna Karan made the decision to suspend the brand’s runway shows and collections for now until a successor is in place. The company plans to support Karan’s brand by reorganizing its teams and structure. But have no fear, you can still by DKNY in stores!

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