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Game Over: UGG x Pendleton Just Won Holiday Gifting

pt., 10/31/2014 - 20:49

UGG Pendelton

It's not even November and the BEST holiday gifts of the season just dropped: UGG x Pendleton. Yes, the brands that make shearling boots and supremely cozy blankets teamed up on a five piece collection. The limited edition range includes four shoes and one handbag, combining classic UGG styles with Pendleton jacquard fabric. TOO GOOD. If one, if not all, of these items aren't on the top of your holiday wishlist, you need to check your self. We're kidding, but we do really want everything in this collab (hint hint).


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Sales Of Vans Are Up 18%–Time To Get A Pair

pt., 10/31/2014 - 20:21


It's no surprise that throwback brand Vans is back on the rise—their sales have gone up 18% in the past year. Sure there was a time when only the punks and surfer dudes were wearing the skating sneaks, but since the sneaker trend has spread like wildfire, it seems like everyone that's considered cool has a pair—according to a new eBay report, they sold nearly 40,000 pairs in the month of August alone. We've seen celebs like Rihanna, Dree Hemingway, Jaime King, and Gwen Stefani all wearing them, and it doesn't hurt that they're super comfortable. Plus, you can't beat the price; the classic checkered slip-ons retail for $47. And these sneakers have staying power. Anyone that's seen the resort and spring collections knows that the surfer look is really heating up. Dries Van Noten did a pair of board shorts, and so did Rosie Assoulin. Another eBay report found that over 36,000 surfboards and 30,000 wetsuits have been purchased since the beginning of the year, so it's pretty obvious that the surfer girl trend is here to stay. So before those classic checkered slip-ons get sold out as quick as the Arizona Birkenstocks, get on the program—it's a no brainer.
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7 Winter Wedding Disasters–And How To Avoid Them

pt., 10/31/2014 - 20:03

winter wedding1

The winter can be a magical time of year to get married, but it also comes with its own set of unique problems. Make sure your day goes off without a hitch by avoiding these common winter wedding disasters. Be sure to check out 7 mistakes engaged couples make, 8 tips for planning your wedding budget and the 10 best places to get married in winter.
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7 Over-The-Knee Boot + Sock Combos To Try If Tights Aren’t Your Thing

pt., 10/31/2014 - 20:00

Socks With Boots

I'm the girl who leaves her house in a dress and no tights when it's 30 degrees outside (aka, NYE). Why? Because tights don't do a damn thing to keep me warm. It's just like going barelegged! I'm sure I am not the only one who feels this way. So what's a girl to do to stay warm? We have the solution for you: over-the-knee boots + thigh high socks. I went to meet a friend for coffee last week and not only was she wearing knee high boots and socks, but we passed two other girls wearing the same look...all on one NYC block. You know how they say three's a company? Well, four's a trend. (We just made that up but lets pretend it's a thing.) Not only do socks peeking out over the top of your boots add an extra element to an outfit, it also elongates your legs. Pretty sweet deal, huh? Check out how blogger Trop Rogue does it below:

Boots Socks

You into it? Click the slideshow to see our boot + sock combos in every color. For more fall trends, check out: plaid scarves, belt bags and loafers [Photo: Trop Rogue]
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Lace-Up Heels Are The Freakum Dresses Of Your Shoe Collection

pt., 10/31/2014 - 19:23


We all have a pair of heels that do the trick when it comes to looking #flawless on a Friday night. But if you're searching for a new style that will vamp up your going-out clothes, then we suggest throwing on a pair of lace-up heels. They're as sexy as a cut-out LBD or a sleek pair of leather pants but luckily, they go with way more options in your wardrobe. Wear them with a mini skirt and blouse or an ankle-grazing skirt and crop top. We also like them paired with boyfriend jeans (cuffed high enough to show off your laces) and a slouchy sweater. The heels are like an instant facelift for the most blasé looks. Check out our slideshow to see which alluring pair of lace-up heels you'll be adding to your shoe rack. Check out more fall trends: plaid scarves, pearl jewelry, and belt bags. [Photo: VIVALUXURY]
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Kanye West Takes A Cab In NYC & 8 Other Random Celeb Photos

pt., 10/31/2014 - 18:41

Kanye West Random Celebrity Photos

Kanye West, the #1 living and breathing rock star, was spotted emerging from a taxi cab in NYC on Wednesday. But that's not even the most random celebrity photo we found this week. Click the slideshow to see what crazy things the stars were up to this week. [Photos: Splash News]
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I Got A Tiny, Trendy Tattoo & Regret It

pt., 10/31/2014 - 18:13

tattoo removal

Thanks to celebrities like Lindsay Lohan, Rihanna, and Nicole Richie and others, tiny tattoos have become a trendy fashion accessory in recent years. Stars, arrows, and initials are among the popular and most in-demand designs. BuzzFeed has a popular post dedicated to the allure of barely-there, "tasteful" tats. Miley Cyrus has taken up as an amateur tattoo artist But what happens if you start to regret your trendy tattoos years later? Even the celebrities themselves have been known to change their minds (did you know that Jessica Alba had her own tiny neck tattoo removed?). Tattoo removal can be painful and pricey, but living with a trendy tattoo can be daily reminder of that impulsive act of getting one.   We spoke with Hailey*, a 31-year-old New Yorker, who got a trendy tattoo when she was in high school, only to regret it. Here is her story: When I was seventeen, I got an Ohm symbol tattooed onto my right forearm.  The decision was completely impulsive—I just made an appointment and went back the next day. I didn’t even know what I was planning to have done, so I ended up picking the Ohm symbol out of a book. Needless to say it wasn’t a very well thought out decision. It was 2000, and these Asian inspired tattoos were all the rage—all the celebrities were doing it. Everyone was getting Asian symbols tattooed onto their bodies, and it was considered very chic. I remember thinking that getting a tattoo would prevent me from ever living a boring, corporate life. Somehow in my mind having a tattoo would just reassure me that my life was going to be exciting. To me it meant that I’d be cool and creative forever, and not old and boring like my parents. I wasn’t peer pressured into having it done, and in fact most of my friends would have never gotten a tattoo. It was just a total teenage rebellion. I was living in a community of observant Jewish people, and I wanted to stand out and associate myself more with the mainstream. I didn’t feel like I fit in with the people around me, and I wanted to make a statement. I wasn’t sad about not being like everyone else, but I remember feeling angry that other people judged me for not fitting in. I was happy with who I was, and I thought I was kinda awesome. I reached the point when I wanted my community to know that I understood that I wasn’t like everyone else, but that it was my choice to be different. In Judaism, tattoos are strictly forbidden, so by permanently etching myself, I was proving that I was nothing like the people I grew up with. I was breaking all the rules in the most permanent way possible. But the second after I got the tattoo, I immediately regretted it. I just remember feeling this pit in my stomach. It was too big, and too black, it felt very foreign, and it was permanent. The moment after I got it, I knew it was an impulsive decision and that I didn’t really give it enough thought. My dad wouldn’t speak to me for three weeks. He was so angry and so sad. It wasn’t about the actual tattoo—he felt let down that I went and did something so permanent without even giving it any thought. Maybe if I’d been a little older, and if it was something really meaningful to me, he would have been more okay with it. Granted, he doesn’t agree with getting tattoos at all, but he would have respected my decision as an adult. My mom, on the other hand, was indifferent to the whole thing. She didn’t care, and if I wanted to ruin my body, it was my body to ruin. She wasn’t going to allow herself to feel judged by other people judging me, and she wouldn’t even give me the satisfaction of engaging me on it, or commenting. She didn’t like it, she didn’t dislike it, and to this day I have no idea how she really feels. My Jewish friends thought I was an idiot for doing it, and my college boyfriend, also Jewish, was dead against it. He told me that if I wanted to marry him, that I’d have to have the tat removed, which drove me to have three laser treatments while we were together. Those three treatments were really expensive—between $600 and $800 a session—but they definitely worked. My tattoo went from being black and filled in, to faded and grey. I haven’t had a laser treatment in five years, mostly because the experience is so painful and expensive. Plus, newer and more effective lasers are coming out all the time. The FDA recently approved a new laser technology designed in Europe, but there are only a handful of those lasers available, and the treatments are super expensive, so I’m waiting a year or so to see if the price will come down. I think I need about two more treatments to completely get rid of it. The pain of getting it put on is nothing like the pain of having it removed, and it’s nowhere near as cheap. I think I must’ve paid around fifty bucks to have the tattoo done, but it’s way more expensive to undo that decision. What really stinks is that I’m allergic to the actual ink. For the first few years, the tattoo would occasionally get really, really itchy. I had it checked out, and apparently the ink they use now is a lot less toxic than what they used on me. I didn’t even consider the possibility of having a bad reaction or physical problem with it. My husband doesn’t mind it, but he supports my decision to have it removed. My in-laws, however, are not so fond. They’ve never said anything to me, but I can tell. And I always did a good job hiding it from my grandparents—they would have been completely devastated. When I first graduated from college I was working at an auction house, which was super conservative and very old school, so I was careful to keep it covered. But it hasn’t really affected my professional life since. Now I work in fashion, and people in this industry don’t think twice about a little tattoo on my forearm. I work with people who have full sleeves of tattoos—mine has nothing on theirs'—but I still feel self-conscious. I totally hid it on my wedding day—I’d had the makeup artist cover it up. I didn’t want to see it in pictures or have to pay to get it Photoshopped out. I’m sure my unborn children will one day stumble upon a photo of it, but I didn’t need it in my wedding photos. My plan is to make sure I have the tattoo removed before my kids are old enough to ask me about it. Although most people would consider my tattoo really small and cute, to me it’s just too big and graphic. Honestly, if it was smaller, or somewhere nobody could really see, maybe I wouldn’t even have it removed. I think tattoos are sexy and edgy. I may not love mine, but there is total sex appeal there. When you see someone with a little tattoo, you think to yourself, “Oh, that person’s got edge.” I have to say that it doesn’t bother me now. It’s a part of me and a part of my past. It’s a reminder to maybe take a minute and think things through before making an impulsive decision. At the same time though, I don’t necessarily need that reminder for the rest of my life, so while I don’t feel an urgency to have it removed, I will continue to take the steps to do so. In hindsight, I should have waited. I think that if someone can hold out fifteen years, and stills want a tattoo, than it can be something celebratory, like a gift to yourself on your thirtieth birthday. The decisions we make later in life tend to be better and more thought out, and ideally less full of regret. I’m really lucky that it hasn’t impacted my job or other relationships, but I’m more self-conscious of it than other people would be. Generally when Jewish people ask me about it, it’s my own shame to deal with. I’ve rarely been approached negatively on it, but for me there’s a lot of Jewishness tied up in it and a lot of my personal history tied up in the decision to do it. I may not be an observant Jew, but I’m really spiritual, and I know it’s something that my community generally does not do. I really just wish I had waited, and at the very least I wish I chose something meaningful. *Names have been changed
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Whoa, Kate Hudson’s Biker Costume Is Seriously Sexy

pt., 10/31/2014 - 17:00

Kate Hudson

Last night, Kate Hudson hosted her annual Halloween party and looked banging. Like, we didn't even recognize her in the pictures. The theme was Sons of Anarchy so Kate and her friends (and mom Goldie Hawn, obvs) dressed up as the sexy biker crew to ever exist. Check them out:

Kate Hudson

Kate Hudson 2

Oh and the entire crew had their outfits custom made by Hudson Jeans. We're jeal. [Photos: Splash News, Instagram]
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Amanda Bynes Released From Psych Ward, ‘Roaming’ The Streets According To TMZ

pt., 10/31/2014 - 16:55

Amanda Bynes

Amanda Bynes was released from the mental hospital where she has been held on a 5150 for the past two weeks, TMZ reports, and spent Thursday night roaming the Sunset Strip. The troubled actress did not seem "with it," and was "talking to herself," according to a waitress who served her. [Source: TMZ]
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Spoiler Alert: Olivia Pope Wore The Limited x Scandal Last Night

pt., 10/31/2014 - 16:17

olivia pope scandal limited jacket

We won't say too much in case you didn't watch last night's Scandal (but we might silently judge you). Olivia Pope, aka Kerry Washington, wore this Check Trench Coat ($248) while handling all the crises. It's from The Limited x Scandal collection and is classic OP, from the cape detail down to the belted waist. Buy yours below and get one step closer to becoming a Gladiator.

The Limited Scandal Check Trench Coat

Check Trench Coat ($248)

And don't forget to check out:

[Photo: Courtesy of ABC and The Limited]
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VIDEO: Get A First Look At Allison Williams As Peter Pan

czw., 10/30/2014 - 21:54

The first trailer for NBC's Peter Pan Live! is here, aka see Allison Williams with a pixie cut. [Youtube] Speaking of trailers, this is the last one for Catching Fire: Mockingjay Part 1 before it hits theaters November 21st. [Youtube] Lena Dunham got a bunch of celebrities to wear the t-shirt she designed for Planned Parenthood. [Racked] Nicole Miller is now designing NBA dancer uniforms. [HuffPost Style] 10th times a charm for Nike and Liberty London! [WWD] Vanessa Hudgens chopped off her hair. [E!] 5 last-minute beauty looks that will make any Halloween costume. [Her Campus] And don't forget to sign up for our newsletter! [Photo: Splash News]
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7 Mistakes Newly Engaged Couples Make

czw., 10/30/2014 - 20:56


You get engaged and the excitement takes over. That's perfectly normal, but you don’t Want to get so carried away that you wind up making mistakes--and we don’t mean the wedding planning variety. Here are the top missteps we want to make sure you avoid. For more wedding planning advice, check out 7 reasons to have a short engagement, how to plan your wedding budget and 17 ways to ask friends to be your bridesmaids.
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The Cutest Celebrity Pets Of Instagram

czw., 10/30/2014 - 19:59

Celeb Cute Pets

Pets are like babies, some are super adorable and others - well, they are still cute! What were you thinking we were going to say?!?! We have scoured celebrity Instagrams to find some of the cutest furbabies ever. Some of them don't even have fur, but they are still freaking precious. Get ready to say ¨awwww¨ because these pets are the most adorable creatures ever.

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[Photos: Instagram]

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Kate Spade x Gap Kids Is Finally Here–And Cuter Than We Ever Imagined

czw., 10/30/2014 - 19:36

kate spade gap kids

Whether you're a mom, a grandmother, an aunt or just a kid at heart, the happy day we've been waiting for is finally here--we can shop Kate Spade and Jack Spade x Gap Kids! Believe it or not, some items are already selling out, which is why you shouldn't spend another second here. Go get something before it's all gone!


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Don’t Let Your Skin Pay The Price For Your Vice With Vichy’s New Idéalia Life Serum

czw., 10/30/2014 - 19:30

Vichy giveaway

Another reason to love killing time on Instagram? Our Insta challenge with Vichy, of course! This week we're giving away 25 Vichy Idéalia Life Serums.

Never experienced the wonder that is a Vichy skincare product? Prepare for obsession. Their Idéalia Life Serum goes on super lightweight, but fights the signs of behavioral aging from sun exposure, diet, lack of sleep, stress and pollution. Even smokers and high-stressed participants in a clinical study had smoother skin and fewer fatigue lines after incorporating the product into their skincare routine.

To enter to win, simply regram the contest photo using hashtag #lifeproofskin. Your profile needs to be public--so we can see your regram, duh!--and you must follow @SHEfinds, @UltaBeauty and @VichyUSA. That's it--good luck!


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Stop What You’re Doing & Shop The Banana Republic 30% Off Sale Right Now

czw., 10/30/2014 - 19:27


Having a bad day at work? Bored in class? We know what will cheer you up. A good sale. Today, Banana Republic is hosting an epic sale that is sure to clear up your mid-week blues. When you shop at today, everything will be 30% off, even their new arrivals, with the code BRYOU. So be a little mischievous today, and go on a shopping spree. After all, it is the day before Halloween, so why not treat yourself. Just call it a Halloween present if 30% off isn't a good enough excuse to shop. And don't forget to check out: blanket coatsstretch-back boots, and the top 5 jackets you need right now.    
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The Outnet’s Holiday Jewelry Collab Is Here–And Increds

czw., 10/30/2014 - 18:55

unnamed (9)

Christmas has come early, y'all: The Outnet's epic holiday jewelry collection just hit! The etailer has partnered with DANNIJO, Noir Jewelry, Kenneth Jay Lane, VICKISARGE, Elizabeth Cole, Lulu Frost and Monica Vinader on an exclusive collection of holiday jewelry that is both perfectly priced and perfect for all those holiday parties on your social cal. Shop the entire collection here or check out my editor's picks below. Like, can we please talk about this Lulu Frost necklace that I need in my life? It is perfection:

lulu frost x the outnet necklace

Lulu Frost Greta gold-tone, silver-tone and Swarovski crystal necklace ($225)

Or this DANNIJO oxidized silver statement necklace. All these Swarovski moments!


DANNIJO Louise oxidized silver Swarovski crystal necklace ($398)

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What Happens When Fashion Brands Sue Over Trademark Infringement?

czw., 10/30/2014 - 18:43


Just two weeks ago Converse filed a lawsuit against 31 companies, claiming that their iconic Chuck Taylor sneaker had been copied by brands like Ed Hardy, Walmart, H&M and more. The company, now owned by Nike, claims that copyright infringement has occurred as well as unfair competition (basically, when the customer can't tell the difference between the fakes and the original). They are seeking compensation and also demanding that the retailers destroy all the imitation Chuck Taylors on the market. It's a major case that comes on the heels of over 180 letters issued by Converse over the years asking retailers to stop knocking off their shoe.

Another copyright infringement case, also involving sneakers, has made headlines recently. New Balance filed a similar lawsuit against Karl Lagerfeld earlier this year, claiming that Lagerfeld's leather suede mesh sneakers ($360) were so similar to their own 574 black sneakers ($112.88) that customers were mistaking them. Lagerfeld seemingly swapped out the 'N' for his own 'K'. (We noticed the striking resemblance when we first saw the kicks, and our article was even referenced in court docs!) The case is still in court.

These lawsuits date back to the 1930s, when Madeleine Vionnet and Coco Chanel filed a suit in Paris against dressmaker Suzanne Laniel, claiming that she was copying their designs to sell to her clients. In this case, the French court ruled in favor of the two designers, stating that “the dress models, by reason of the choice of colors and materials and their designing, partake of the character of real works of art and therefore come under the special legislation which forbids imitation and plagiarism by artists and writers.” And while the French courts protected early Chanel designs as "real works of art," U.S. courts today take a very different approach. It is much more difficult to obtain a trademark here; clothing is seen as something utilitarian or as serving a functional purpose and therefore isn't protected the same way a painting or piece of art would be. So, any of the components of the Chuck Taylor shoe that are considered functional (the sole, the toe cap), may not be protected under the terms of the trademark. It's tricky. So, does Converse have a case? In fashion, what crosses the line from imitation to an illegal knock-off? And if a finished piece of clothing can't be trademarked, how can designers protect themselves and their designs? We took a closer look at a handful of these cases, in an effort to better understand all sides: How Can Brands Protect Themselves From Knock-Offs? Although Converse claims that they’ve owned trademarks to the design of the Chuck Taylor, it might not be a slam-dunk case. There are legal factors to consider—like, if the trademarks hold any validity and whether the court will agree that infringement has taken place (do the shoes really look identical?). Converse will have to convince the judge that shoppers are mistaking the knock-offs for the original Chuck Taylors in order to win. Knockoffs and copies not only take away from a designer’s profit, but they can also devalue a product. Take, for example, Isabel Marant’s wedge sneaker. Since the sneaker first came out, there have been dozens of knock-offs made, and many of them could easily be mistaken for the real thing. So when a consumer has the option to get a pair of really good Marant knock-off wedges for under a hundred bucks, instead of shelling out over $300 for the real thing, the cheaper version wins out. And generally, winning a trademark infringement case isn’t so easy. There’s a large pushback by many who oppose the concept of trademarking fashion designs, arguing that copying is what establishes trends, and that trends drive the fashion industry. This argument is part of the reason why trademarking laws are so thin for fashion designs. "Without copying, paradoxically, the fashion industry would be smaller and less innovative and poorer," says Chris Sprigman, an NYU law professor in an interview with NPR. So when does imitation cross that line into breaking the law? "The law basically says that elements of a design of a product—be it a shoe or anything else—that are functional cannot be protected by trademark law," explains Sprigman in the same NPR article. Since an overall article of clothing is considered functional, it isn’t subject to copyright protection. In regards to the Chuck Taylor, Sprigman goes on to say that the both the rubber bumper and toe cap were advertised as functional by the brand in the past, which basically leaves the stripes and the iconic star suitable for trademark protection. Because an overall article of clothing is considered functional, copyright law can’t protect it. However, there are still steps a fashion designer can take to protect elements of their designs. They can register copyrights for original prints and patterns, innovative combinations, and unique color arrangements. They can also protect any conceptual elements of a design that can stand away from the functionality of an article of clothing. In other words, if an element of a design can be identified as reflecting a designer’s artistic judgment that was executed independently of functional influence, and the concept of the design can be separated by the functionality, it can be protected by copyright. This is why patterns and textiles can be protected—they are seen as creative and independent of any functionality. Colors can be trademarked, but only when the color uniquely identifies the origin of a product. So for Christian Louboutin, obtaining a trademark for his red soles was crucial—those red soles are what denote a Louboutin heel to consumers. We’ll get into the lawsuit he filed later on. Designers that have created something that’s considered innovative and new can apply for a design patent, but only when the ornamental elements dominate the functional elements. Celine was granted design patents for the Diamond Clutch and the Case Bag. It makes sense for designers to apply for design patents when an item in their collection is meant to be a staple piece that will be reintroduced with more than a few collections. The same goes for an ornament that's meant to be a trend-setter, like Alexander Wang's studs. In 2011, the designer was granted a patent for the studs he created for the Rocco Bag. Do Lawsuits Stop Knock-Offs? So, does filing a lawsuit put an end do knock-offs? Not in the case of copy houses, like Forever21.  In many ways, Forever21’s business is built on knocking designers off. The company has been sued over 50 times by designers like Anna Sui and Diane von Furstenberg, but it hasn’t stopped them from continuing these practices, and likely never will. For a company that’s success depends on making cheap knock-offs of designer clothing, getting slapped with lawsuits just comes with the territory—it’s more than likely that settlement money is built into their budget (we're just speculating)—but when a company is worth 3 billion dollars, coming up with the money to pay a fine is no big thing. “They go ahead and they take what they want, and when they get caught, they pay up. It's probably cheaper than licensing it in the first place," explains fashion legal expert Susan Scafidi in an article on Jezebel. Can A Brand Be On Both Sides? In the 90’s, Yves Saint Laurent filed a lawsuit against Ralph Lauren, claiming that the designer was knocking-off his ‘Le Smoking’ tuxedo suit. He charged Lauren with counterfeiting and disloyal competition. Saint Laurent won the case and was awarded $395,000 by Ralph Lauren. But YSL doesn't only play victim in these cases; in 2011, famed shoe designer Christian Louboutin filed a lawsuit against Yves Saint Laurent, accusing the designer of ripping off his trademarked red-soled heels. The judge initially ruled in favor of Saint Laurent on the grounds that Louboutin’s trademark was too broad, therefore not protectable. The court explained that fashion designers can obtain trademarks for a single color if the color is used in specific pattern or color combination, and that color is a basic element of fashion so it can't be claimed by one designer. But a color can be trademarked when it uniquely identifies the origin of the product, which is exactly what a red sole does for Louboutin's shoes. So the designer appealed, and proved that his red sole is what distinguishes a Louboutin heel the same way Tiffany uses blue to distinguish their box from other jewelers. The court then rejected its earlier ruling, and stated that Louboutin was entitled to its trademark on red soles, except when the entire shoe is red. So Louboutin may have won, but technically Saint Laurent didn’t lose because the court ruled that his monochromatic red shoe did not infringe on any of Louboutin’s trademark rights. What Is The Outcome Of Most Cases? Only 5% of lawsuits actually make it to trial, and companies often settle before lawsuits go to trial to avoid the expense, which can often wind up costing more in both finances and bad publicity, even if they end up winning. Settling could likely be the way many of the brands that Converse is going after deal with the lawsuit, especially a company as huge as and wealthy as Walmart. Such was the case for Steve Madden when both Alexander McQueen and Balenciaga sued him. Each of the two design houses filed a suit against Madden for knocking off a specific shoe. In McQueen’s case it was the Faithful bootie that was being knocked off, and for Balenciaga it was the Lego sandal. Madden settled both suits out of court, and paid each of the designers an undisclosed amount. In 2011, Hermes went after LA-based accessories company Thursday Friday for silk-screening images of the Birkin onto canvas totes, accusing them of copyright infringement. Although the totes were meant as a parody, Hermes was not amused, and the case was settled. Tory Burch and her ex-husband, the owner of C. Wonder, went through a long and messy lawsuit as they were in the midst of their divorce, which also ultimately ended up in settlement. Being that Converse’s entire value as a brand is the iconic design of their sneakers, they need to protect that with everything they have; otherwise they cease to have any value whatsoever. For Converse, it's all about brand recognition, and some of the copies can easily be mistaken for the real thing (Walmart, H&M). Converse may have a good chance at winning due to the near identical nature of these copies, so they could likely be able to prove that their trademark is as crucial as the Christian Louboutin red sole.
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The Warmest Coat You Can Buy This Fall Is Basically A Blanket

czw., 10/30/2014 - 18:00

Blanket Coat Trend Fall 2014

You know the feeling. The coziness that comes with wrapping yourself up in a blanket as you lay on the couch for a night full of Netflix. And designers like Burberry, Roberto Cavalli, Sacai, DKNY, and Etro want to keep you just as comfy this fall with blanket coats that could easily double as a throw for your living space. Pair it with a casual top and denim pants, or give your evening look a layer of cool by throwing your blanket-coat over a short dress and tights. Check out our slideshow if you dare to wear this new fall trend. Check out more fall trends: burgundy, stretch-back boots, and the top 5 jackets you need right now. [Photo, L to R: Burberry, Roberto Cavalli courtesy of Splash News, Sacai, DKNY courtesy of Splash News]
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You’re About To Miss Your Chance To Win A Free Designer Perfume From Scentbird

czw., 10/30/2014 - 17:30

Scentbird top photo

Consider this your final warning. In case you missed the memo, we're giving away 100 designer fragrances from the cool new perfume subscription service, Scentbird. 100 winners will be able to choose either Burberry's Brit Eau de Toilette, D&G's 18 La Lune or Bvlgari's Rose Essentielle. If you want to be among the lucky ladies who gets in, enter below now. Too impatient to find out if you're a winner? Sign up at to receive a new designer fragrance every month for just $14.95.


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