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This Photo Just Convinced Me To Buy A Barrette

pon., 03/30/2015 - 20:00

I think the last time I wore a barrette was to the first day of kindergarten–but this one from Nasty Gal is making me seriously reconsider that life choice. This Moonage Metallic Barette ($18) doesn’t look like it’s for a 5 year old. The gold cutout moon design is seriously sleek. If anything, this huge clip will save you from a bad hair day. Get one:

Moonage Metallic Barette

Moonage Metallic Barette ($18)

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These New J.Crew Slides Are For Leopard Lovers

pon., 03/30/2015 - 19:32

I’m a leopard lover, so when I came across these new J.Crew slide sandals on one of my favorite style blogs  Trini G, they immediately took a place on my spring shopping list. I’ll probably wear them with cropped black pants and colorful skirts. Will you be joining me?

J.Crew Cyprus Calf Hair Sandals

J.Crew’s Cyprus Calf Hair Sandals are even on sale–get them for 30% off with code SPRINGSTYLE.

[Photo: Trini G]

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OK, That’s Kind Of Random: Scott Disick’s Day Job Revealed

pon., 03/30/2015 - 19:17

If you’ve ever wondered what Scott Disick actually does for a living (let alone, any of the Kardashians), the answer might surprise you. On last night’s episode of Keeping Up With The Kardashians, it was revealed that Scott doesn’t just make the occasional club appearance, he is the President of Calabasas Luxury Motorcars. What?!

The revelation came after Khloe, Kris and Kim hounded Kourtney to investigate Scott’s “shady” dealings, which included wire transfers, secret dinners, a “wad” of license plates and a large delivery of luxury cars to their home.

“A business I own sells exotic cars,” Scott begrudgingly admitted to Kourtney after being interrogated about whether he was a “cars salesman” or doing something illegal. “It’s really nobody’s business.” Well, alrighty then!

You would think Scott would be proud to be running a legitimate business that has nothing to do with mooching off the Kardashian name–but we guess that’s not the case.

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Make A Beeline For The Nearest Banana Republic–Jamie Chung’s Midi Skirt Is 40% Off

pon., 03/30/2015 - 18:27

We’ve said it before, we’ll say it again–we love it when celebs wear clothes the rest of us can afford. The latest star to inspire our spring wardrobe? Jamie Chung. She was recently snapped wearing the prettiest black and white midi skirt ever and as luck would have it it’s from Banana Republic. And the price? Just $120! Use coupon code HAPPY and you’ll get it for 40% off. Hurry!

banana republic floral midi skirt

Banana Republic Black Floral Midi Skirt ($120)

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[Photo: David Prutting X BFA]

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How To Properly Put Away Your Boots For Spring and Summer

pon., 03/30/2015 - 16:30

After the winter we just had, it’ll be really nice to put away those heavy boots. Before you just stash em though, take a few extra steps to put them away properly, this way they’re good and ready to brave the weather next year. It’s really not hard at all, here’s what you do:

Give those boots a nice scrub down. They’re certainly covered with salt stains, scuff, and muck, right? The salt stains can be removed with a soft-bristle toothbrush and a solution of water and vinegar. Once you’ve tackled all the salt stains, use a leather cleaner to clean any remaining spots.

Deep Conditionspecifically your leather boots—to be done immediately after you clean them. Make It Do recommends Dr. Martens Balsam, and I can personally attest to the benefits of using this specific polish—I use it on my Docs all the time.

Have them repaired. Instead of waiting until next December to fix any damage that your boots have sustained, take care of it now. Don’t wait for the first big snow to realize that you can’t even wear your boots until you’ve taken them to the shoemaker.

Stuff them. Before putting your boots away, stuff them with either a shoe tree or newspapers so that their shape is maintained. Make It Do also suggests adding rolled up magazines to help keep the boot’s shaft standing upright.

Deodorize. You can either purchase a shoe deodorizing spray, or fill a sachet with baking soda.

Lay them to rest. Storing boots upright is ideal, but if you are planning to store them in bins, make sure you lay the heaviest ones down first. Lay a cloth or old tee between every pair, or place them into a dust-bag.

Kiss them goodbye until next year!

Also see how to store sweaters, and how to wash leather.

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Today Is The Last Day To Shop The Bloomingdale’s 25%-Off Friends & Family Sale

pon., 03/30/2015 - 16:09

Here’s a little something that’s sure to make your Monday a whole lot better–almost everything at Bloomingdale’s is 25% off today thanks to their amazing friends and family sale. Just use code FRIENDS at checkout and you’ll save on regular price merchandise as well as sale items.

The catch? Today is the last day of the sale so you need to shop ASAP. My advice is to hit up the shoe section first, then comb the sale department for double the discounts. Go!


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[Photo: Splendid Stripe Short Sleeve Dress; Elizabeth and James Kenya Dress; J Brand 835 Mid Rise Capri Jeans in Misfit; Hudson Krista Super Skinny Jeans in Addicted]

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HAUL: New Hard Candy Spring Polishes + 10th Anniversary Collection Colors

pon., 03/30/2015 - 16:00

We just got the brand-new Hard Candy Spring 2015 nail polishes in our office + 2 colors from the 10th Anniversary collection. Check it out:

Click here to view the embedded video.

Here’s a list of all the Spring 2015 colors, available at Wal-Mart now:

Lace Me Up
China Doll
Bridal Party
Crush On Pink
Frill Seeker
Flower Bomb
Cherry Pop
Little House
Girl’s Night Out
Fairy Ball
Crush on Hot Pink
Dancing with the DJ
Pee Wee Purple
Girl Crush
Prep Squad
Fairy Godmother
Wild Child
Beach Babe
Piece of Papaya
Crush On Lava
Remix Red
Soda Pop
All Nighter
Bronze Champion
Mom & Pop
School house Rock
Mr. Winston
Wedding Crasher
Black Tie Optional
Cosmic Love
Blue Lagoon
Bitty Blue
Bachelor Party
King of Pop
Record Breaker
Celebrate Sequins
Crush on Caribbean
A Mermaid’s Tale
Island Fever
Emerald Cut

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How To Store Winter Coats During Spring And Summer

pon., 03/30/2015 - 15:30

Spring is officially here, which means you’ve probably got the itch to pack away those heavy winter coats for a few months. We’re right there with you, but before you throw them in a bin under your bed, STOP. If you want to preserve your coats so you’re able to wear them season after season, proper storage is critical. Lucky for you, we got the scoop on how to store winter coats and it’s actually pretty easy. Get the tips and tricks below.

1. Clean everything. Dry clean wool and cashmere coats; machine wash puffy coat and dry them in the dryer with tennis balls. Your coats are exposed to countless germs, oils and fluids so you want to make sure those are all gone before storing. Be sure to check all pockets for papers, money, gum and other items both before and after cleaning your coats.

2. Seal them up. Fasten all buttons and zip all zippers to ensure your coats maintain their original shape while in storage.

3. Get the right supplies. Wool  and cashmere coats need to be placed on durable wooden or velvet hangers in breathable fabric garment/storage bags; puffy coats can be stored in vacuum-packed plastic bags.

4. Put them in the right place. The key to preserving your coats during the summer months is making sure you keep them in a cool (around 65 degrees Fahrenheit), dry, dark place. It’s best to hang wool and cashmere coats on sturdy hangers in cool closet, but you can also lay them flat in a large storage bin if you’re short on closet space. Make sure they fit comfortably in the bin to avoid wrinkles.

5. Consider cedar blocks. If you’re worried about insect infiltrating your coats while they’re in storage, invest in small cedar blocks. Not only are they an effective repellant, but they’ll keep your coats smelling nice while they’re in storage.

6. Avoid plastic garment bags. Most coats, but especially leather, suede and down-filled coats, need to breathe, which means you should stay away from plastic garment bags. Instead, choose fabric storage bags. Vacuum-seal bags are also space-saving alternative for puffy coats.

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Jessica Biel Finally Revealed Her Baby Bump In This Super Cool Moto Jacket

pon., 03/30/2015 - 15:00

Jessica Biel may be in the final stages of her pregnancy, but that baby weight certainly isn’t hindering her style. She was recently photographed wearing this Michael Stars Zip Moto Jacket with Leather ($348) and we can’t stop wishing it was in our closets. It’s the perfect in-between jacket because the leather offers some warmth but the knit sleeves will keep you from overheating. Plus, the price is a little more budget-friendly than a full-on leather jacket. Pregnant or not, we think every woman needs this cute jacket in her closet. Get yours below.

michael stars jacket

Michael Stars Zip Moto Jacket with Leather ($348)

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[Photo: Splash News]

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VIDEO: Destiny’s Child Reunited Onstage This Weekend

pon., 03/30/2015 - 14:45

On Saturday night, Beyonce, Kelly and Michelle reunited onstage at the Gospel Music Awards in Vegas. The little-known trio formally called Destiny’s Child performed Michelle’s song “Say Yes,” which won for Music Video Of The Year. This is the first time all three girls have performed together since the 2013 Super Bowl Halftime Show.

[Photo: Splash News]

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We’re Giving Away 100 GLOSSYBOX’S–Here’s How You Can Win One

sob., 03/28/2015 - 13:00

These days, there are subscription box services for any type of product–but none of them compare to GLOSSYBOX. Why is this one so special? Instead of sending you tiny sample size items, GLOSSYBOX sends 5 full-sized beauty products tailored to your profile. Let me guess, you don’t want to pay just to try something. Well, good thing you’re here. We’ve teamed up with GLOSSYBOX to give 100 readers one classic box of products.

Whether you win or not, you can subscribe to GLOSSYBOX to get new makeup every month. All you have to do is select a plan, fill out a beauty profile and let the staff at GLOSSYBOX do all the work. The team will pick products just for you and send them, with free shipping. You can also collect GLOSSYDOTS by sharing your thoughts on the products you receive and earn a free GLOSSYBOX. Sounds like a great deal to us!

But first, enter below to win a GLOSSYBOX from

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7 Things Every Bride Forgets When Posing For Wedding Photos

pt., 03/27/2015 - 16:15

You’ll no doubt treasure your wedding photos for a lifetime, so you want to make sure you look your absolute best in them. Even with the perfect hair, makeup and, of course, dress, there might be a few crucial things you forget to do when posing on your big day. These are seven you want to make sure you get right for perfect pictures.

1. Freshen up your makeup. You’ve made it through the ceremony and kissed your groom (probably more than once). When you’re done with the receiving line and moving fast to get in important shots before the cocktail hour begins, it can be easy to forget to freshen up your makeup–especially reapplying lip gloss.

2. Choose the right angle. You don’t want to take the shot standing straight towards the camera. Instead, stand at a slight angle and tilt your chin down slightly.

3. Focus on your best side. Everyone has one side that photographs better than others. Look in the mirror, take selfies and ask a few honest friends what they think your best side is–then let your photographer know that’s the one you want to use for the majority of your shots.

4. Sit pretty. You want your posture to be on point in every photo, but it’s especially important when you’re taking shots while sitting. So be sure to sit up straight, legs crossed at the ankles.

5. Hold your bouquet properly. For a traditional bouquet, hold it right in front, at about waist level with your arms held out a bit from your hips a bit. If your arms are right against your sides, it will make you look bigger. Or you can hold it loosely with one hand loosely with one and let the other hang naturally by your side for a more relaxed look.

6. Smile. Yes, it is possible to forget to smile on the happiest day of your life if you’re super nervous. Remember that a beautiful smile is the best accessory on your wedding day.

7. Relax. Don’t overthink posing–it will translate into your photos. If you just relax and be yourself, they will be more natural and reflect the real you.

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[Photo: Ryan Ray Photo]

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Get All The Makeup Your Heart Desires For 30% Off At Laura Geller This Weekend

pt., 03/27/2015 - 14:08

Calling all beauty junkies! Laura Geller Beauty is currently hosting a major sale you do not want to miss. Just use code SASMARCH30 at checkout and you’ll receive 30% off everything. And yes, we mean everything from the cult foundations to the bestselling baked beauty sets.

But that’s not all–spend $65 and you’ll receive a free 3-piece gift set, no coupon code necessary. What are you waiting for? You know your makeup bag needs an update so get there ASAP because the sale ends Sunday night.


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Minka Kelly Is Just The Latest Celeb To Rock MOTHER’s Cult Fray Hem Skinny Jeans

pt., 03/27/2015 - 14:00

If there’s one denim brand it seems like every celeb loves, it’s MOTHER. Not only did they just launch a collab with Candice Swanepoel, but Jennifer Garner is a huge fan, too. And now we can add Minka Kelly to the long list of A-list fans because she was recently snapped wearing MOTHER’s The Looker Ankle Fray Jean ($196). Raw hem denim is a huge spring trend, so if you’re going to give it a try might as well splurge on the jeans so many stars trust to make them look great. Snag Minka’s exact jeans below.

mother fray skinny jeans

MOTHER The Looker Ankle Fray Jean ($196)

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[Photo Splash News]

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VIDEO: 4 Different Ways To Tie A Scarf

pt., 03/27/2015 - 13:57

If you’re looking for the perfect transitional piece from winter to spring, then stop right here, because I’m about to enlighten you. Ready? It’s scarves! You’ve probably been wearing knit ones all winter to keep warm, but I’m willing to bet you’ve got a few thin ones that you’ve been dying to break out. I’m a big scarf fan and have a collection that’s definitely larger than necessary, but it wasn’t until recently that I started wearing them any way other than in the conventional loop. You can braid them, tie them into infinity scarves, or twist them into all different sorts of artsy knots–the choice is (almost) limitless. If you’re not really sure where to start, then you’re in luck–we tried out four different ways to tie a scarf for your viewing and learning pleasure. Check out our video below to find your new favorite style.

Click here to view the embedded video.

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[Photo: Shelby Rodriguez]

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Downton Abbey Is Ending After Season 6 & More News

czw., 03/26/2015 - 20:35

It’s official, Downton Abbey will end after season 6. [Twitter]

Hilary Duff has a new show AND single (that is used for the promo of her new show). [YouTube]

Kate Spade Saturday e-commerce is no more. [Racked]

Gisele Bundchen is retiring! See her best runway moments. [StyleBistro]

10 things you reeeeally need to give up in your 20s. [Her Campus]

Did Geri Halliwell cryptically reach out to Zayn Malik on Twitter? [E!]

Kendall Jenner‘s Calvin Klein campaign is here. [Popsugar]

Apparently, Kerry Washington live-tweeted Scandal when she was in labor! [The Edit]

See how the miniskirt has transformed since the 1960s. [HuffPost]

And don’t forget to sign up for our newsletter!

[Photo: Splash News]

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Last Chance: Enter To Win A Sample Of Hanky Panky’s First-Ever Perfume

czw., 03/26/2015 - 17:00

Hanky Panky makes some of the best lingerie, but did you know that the brand just launched its first fragrance? The flirtatious scent has blended hints of fruits, florals, soft musk and mysterious woods. Sounds a lot nicer than that old, musty perfume that’s been sitting on your nightstand for years, right?

We’re giving 50 readers the chance to sample the new Eau de Parfum and you can be one of them. Enter now for your chance to win!

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Teva x Nasty Gal Is For ‘The Pool-side Lounging Professional’

czw., 03/26/2015 - 14:30

Teva just teamed up with Nasty Gal on 2 new styles for spring–a platform sandal ($110) and a regular flat sandal ($90), just in time for festivals and pool parties. If their back-ordered flatforms are any indication, these are sure to sell out quick.


unnamed (6)

Teva x Nasty Gal Sandal ($90)

unnamed (7)

Teva x Nasty Gal Platform Sandal ($110)

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Reese Witherspoon’s Bucket Bag Already Sold Out Once–Get One Now Before It’s Gone Again

czw., 03/26/2015 - 14:00

Apparently white is the new black when it comes to bags. First, Jessica Alba was spotted all over California with this tote and now fashion maven Reese Witherspoon is carrying this Anya Hindmarch Vaughan Leather Bucket Bag ($1,295) in white. The bad news? The white version is sold out for now. The good news? You can grab it in royal blue here or in black here. Everyone knows bucket bags are having a huge fashion moment, plus you can’t go wrong with a bag that has Reese’s seal of approval. Hurry before the blue one sells out, too!

bucket bag

Anya Hindmarch Vaughan Leather Bucket Bag ($1,295)

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[Photo: Splash News]

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How To Do A Half Bun (Aka, The New Top Knot)

śr., 03/25/2015 - 21:00

The top knot had a good run as the “cool-girl hairstyle on Pinterest,” but now it’s all about the half bun. Fashion bloggers and celebrities alike (ahem, Margot Robbie) have been spotted wearing this look. There’s just something about the half bun that is effortlessly cool, or as so accurately put by the ladies of Man Repeller, “It says, I forgot to shower again, but only the top part of my hair is gross. The bottom part is still killing it though, so I’m gonna let it do its thing.”

I’ve been trying to recreate this look and finally figured it out (with the help of Nasty Gal!). Here’s how to do the half bun:

1) Gather 1/4 of your hair from the top of your head.

2) Pull the top section up as high as you want your bun to be.

3) Start making a bun.

4) Tie the bun using a hair tie.

5) Secure the bun with bobby pins so it stays in place. Up to you how many it takes to hold the bun, but 1-3 should be good.

6) Spray a small amount of hairspray.

7) Use your fingers to loosen up the front and sides for a messier look.

Got a different way to do it? Let us know in the comments below!

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[Photo: Peace Love Shea]

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